Well-being Life Science Company introduction
Based on Advanced Bio Technology
A company that leads the health of all people and a better quality of life
Well-being LS company specializes in researching, producing and selling probiotics such as vegetable-
origin probiotics derived from grain fermented foods, and researching and developing various
fermentation products using these as well as probiotics products.

Probiotics products include health functional foods manufactured at GMP facilities and grain fermented
foods fermented with probiotics.
Other products contain microbiome postbiotics with excellent functionality, which are cultured with
probiotics and yeast, and fermented foods using vegatable-origin probiotics. These products are born
with advanced fermentation technology by vegetable-origin probiotics.

Furthermore, the company has recently been acclaimed in the market for its release of
‘Sool-ae-ta-u’, vegatable-origin probiotics that relieve hangover of the new paradigm.
Unlike conventional hangovers, we have launched a breakthrough product that eliminates
hangovers and resolves gut troubles by using vegatable-origin probiotics.

In addition, we are researching and developing health-oriented products that improve taste
and function by applying vegetable-origin probiotics derived from grain fermented foods to
various processed foods(breads, pickles, kimchi, dumplings, noodles, rice cakes, etc.). We
are producing ‘vegetable-origin probiotic fermented soybeans’, a third-generation technological
innovation product developed with advanced fermentation methods. And also, we are
launching a ‘Sungguidan Premium’ using edible insects crickets containing high-quality,
high-protein, next-generation food resources.

‘Ruwa’ fermented coffee, which is made by applying fermentation method to coffee, was
born by our advanced fermentation technology in the same concept as the fermentation
process of Kopi Luwak, the world's rarest coffee. In addition, we researched and developed
the fermented coffee of ‘Star Lu Bean’ using Luwak microorganisms, and launched the
first-ever best quality Luwak fermented coffee with almost the same flavor as natural.

Recently, we have launched ‘Lacto-Pet’ for dogs and cats with vegetable-origin probiotics.
We produce and sell products by continuously researching and developing livestock probiotics
and probiotics for fermented feed, fish farming probiotics, eco-friendly soil microbial agents,
and environmentally-promoting probiotics using useful microorganisms such as vegetable-
origin probiotics.

Well-being LS company is continually researching and developing new products in order to
manufacture the best health-oriented products with the goal of healthy living of modern
people. We always promise to be close to you with the best quality products, and we will do
our best to research and develop.